The Final Day of the 2017 Big Adventure by Admiral Marlow

Hi Shipmates

Today was our last fishing day in Paradise. With me today was Harry ( My Boy) and Captain Rob. I was a bit undecided today where to go but opted for a long run to the Gulf where I knew it would be solid with fish. Catching them would be a different story.
It was a 40 mile run and when we got there Plan A was to target the Permit. Harry landed one quickly and I lost one to the sharks.

A quickie for Harry

After a while we anchored up and we attacked with different options.
Within minutes of putting in the chum blocks the sea was alive with fish, yellowtails were thick near the surface and 55’ below lurked the beasts.
The fish finder lit up with fish and although it was possible to land a yellow tail every run the rest was a different story.
Every drop down a fish was hooked and something nasty grabbed it, I suspect Goliaths were the culprits. Having pulled my arms out with all of my tackle from 6lb Rods to heavy gear the fish were still winning.
A change was called for and out came my shark tackle.
It must have been all of 10 seconds after my bait was in the water and I hooked my first Bull Shark, it was a 100lb plus fish but I subdued it quickly with my new beasty outfit.

Shake on it Mr Bull

A few minutes later I had another, this time 150 lbs plus, but again not too much of a problem. Then it was Harry’s turn and again although his fish was bigger he showed it who was boss.

I’m the boss!

Whilst all of this was going on the Rob and myself were also battling beasts  on lighter tackle and we were not winning.
It was now mid day and you could pick out several nasty Bull Sharks around our boat and could almost select the one you wanted to hook.
My next fish was even bigger, too big to estimate but I reckon a big 200lbs.
More of a battle but again it was beaten.

And the next please…

The tide was slacking so I put a bait on a balloon and ran it down some 25 yards. Suddenly it looked like a submarine came up and had the bait.
It was so big it frightened me The reel screamed and I thought this is not going to be fun so I skilfully passed the rod to my boy Harry. He was dragged to the bow of the boat and within a few seconds 300yards of line was smoking off the reel, then the leader broke.

Serious damage on the way.
Did you know, I was the boss once?

To be honest this was possibly a good thing, because it could have done some serious damage to Harry. Then Harry hooked a Bull shark on our lighter outfit and had a battle for about 40 minutes, he didn’t give up but I thought he was on a losing  battle.

Lighter tackle…possibly outgunned

Meanwhile I had two Bulls fighting over my live bait and the biggest one ate it. I fought it for about 15minutes and thought this is not fun as my arms and back was hurting.

Rob, save me: my elbow’s killing me.

I skilfully passed the rod to Rob on the pretence of taking photos and he really gave it some stick for another 15 minutes. Harry lost his shark and we told him that we had worn out the shark on my rod and he could get it to the boat for photos, he foolishly took the rod from Rob.
After another 30 minutes Harry was well worn out and despite words of advise he was clearly flagging.
Then my boy Harry used some very foul language aimed at me when I tried to give him some more encouragement. The words are too hurtful to print.
However that final outburst gave him some more adrenalin and the beast finally gave up, a proper Nasty Custard that had had its Weetabix for breakfast.

Roy, you’re a #*++*%

To sum it up, we had bent rods and screaming reels all day. Our bodies ache all over and there were times I had to convince myself this was fun.
It is off coarse great fun, but I am sure age is starting to tell. So that is the end of another Big Adventure in Paradise with great Shipmates.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about our adventures

Signing off

Admiral Marlow

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