Day 11 by Admiral Marlow

Hi Shipmates

The days are flying by and today greeted us with glorious weather. Very little wind and just pleasant fishing conditions.
My crew today was Chis and Ryan was our Captain. The plan was out and out Tarpon Fishing and our hopes were high after yesterday’s results.
What a difference a day makes, it was rock hard and in the morning we saw very few Tarpon. My highlight of the day was to land a magnificent Kingfish in Key West Harbour, this is only the second one I have seen there in almost 30 years.

King of the mackerels 
Kingfish are very unusual captures within the harbour

A good fight on my Tarpon outfit.

Chris had a substantial spitting cobra Caribbean deadly Nurse Shark tamed on his Tarpon outfit.

Two certainties: death and a nurse shark.

I put down a shark bait and had a mystery fish peel off 200yds of line and then cut Chris off on the Channel ledge. I suspect a Big Shark. Several smaller sharks kept us on our toes.

We made a move in the afternoon to Demolition Key where we could see Tarpon Rolling. However I had a Grey Snapper every put in, there were so many you couldn’t get your bait to reach the Tarpon.

Grey – or mangrove – snapper

These were all nice fish, I kept just 6 for tomorrows dinner.
I did manage a keeper Mutton Snapper just to round off the day.
Chis did manage a brief hook up with a Tarpon but being a new shipmate forgot to bow when the fish jumped, hence a very short battle.
So today was very pleasant but no Tarpon, plenty of other fish to keep the interest high.
Thats why its called Fishing and not catching.

Signing off Admiral Marlow

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